Hip Dysplasia in Dogs and CBD Cannabis Supplementation

Canine hip dysplasia can be extremely traumatic for dogs and dog owners. Especially when pain and discomfort is one of the primary symptoms of this condition.

A dog that is normally cheerful and active may become subdued and morose and evidently in pain and this can cause an empathetic and caring dog owner emotional distress as well.

As loving dog parents; we want to help our canine companions when they are sick or ailing and the best way to do that is by learning more about what ails them and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to treating the condition.

The same applies to canine hip dysplasia; knowledge and awareness of this condition among dog owners are very important and so is awareness of unconventional yet effective methods of hip dysplasia pain management such as cannabis supplementation. Read further to know more.

Cannabis and Hip Dysplasia

The nature of hip dysplasia is such that its effects are concentrated around the joints; causing muscular and bone pain. The ailment is characterized by the abnormalities in the formation of the hip socket which when severe can lead to lameness and disability in dogs and is often marked by intense pain for your canine companions. Cannabis supplementation for pain management in cases of severe hip dysplasia is gaining widespread popularity owing to the effectiveness of this form of treatment.

Supplements for Canine Hip DysplasiaThe primary effects of CBD or cannabis supplementation are the ability to reduce inflammation. Inflammation concentrated around the hip joints of a dog suffering from hip dysplasia is a characteristic symptom of this ailment.

The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis supplementation can also alleviate pain and discomfort for a dog affected by hip dysplasia. Additionally; cannabis supplementation blocks pain receptors in the brain; effectively numbing pain in the hip joints of dogs suffering from hip dysplasia. While these effects of cannabis supplementation and the THC component in cannabis is well-known; many dog owners are still varied about using cannabis supplementation for hip dysplasia in dogs. This is primarily because of preconceived misconceptions about cannabis. One should be aware that…

  • Cannabis supplementation is not weed.
  • Your dog will not get high and lose control of his or her faculties
  • Your dog will not develop a chemical dependency on cannabis supplementation.

Bearing all of the above information in mind; it's only fair that you provide your dog with the best chance of a pain-free life with cannabis supplementation for hip dysplasia.

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