The 3 Dog Breeds Most Prone To Develop Hip Dysplasia And Why

Hip Dysplasia is a genetic condition that in most cases is passed on from one generation to another where the hips of a dog are improperly formed. Hip dysplasia is aggravated by specific environmental factors such as weight gain, injury, age and more. The condition is more prevalent in some dog breeds and is characterized by painful joints, impaired mobility as well as arthritis.

The following are the top three dog breeds that are susceptible to hip dysplasia.

great dane hip dysplasiaGreat Danes

Also nicknamed the ‘Apollo of dogs’ the Great Dane is from Germany and is famous for its big size. They have a clam lifestyle but as quite susceptible to hip dysplasia due to its massive statures. The fact that it carries a heavy load in the form of its body around has proven to have an adverse effect on their joints.

bull dog hip dysplasiaBulldogs and Pugs

Bulldogs and Pugs are frequently referred to as the English bulldog because of the long time it has with the British Culture as well as nationalism. Research shows that about 71.8% of pugs and Bulldogs have hips dysplasia. These breeds have a passive nature that makes them very susceptible to the diseases. With exercise, however, the health of the joints is bound to improve.

German shepherd

The German Shepherd originates from Germany that is classified as working and as a herding dog mainly because of its intelligence and excellent trainability. The German shepherd is susceptible to hip dysplasia because of the heavy workload the breed has. Research also shows that the leading cause of ailments the German shepherd is mainly because of the long history of inbreeding that took place early in the breed’s history.

When it comes to the health of your dog, it is never too early to start. Put you dog on a proper diet, enough exercise, and supplements that can help them live a happy and comfortable life.

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