The Common Reasons Puppies Develop Canine Hip Dysplasia

The Common Reasons Puppies Develop Canine Hip Dysplasia

canine hip dysplasia and arthrititsHip dysplasia can drastically reduce the quality of a dog's life, and it can be a painful thing for the dog owners to watch. It is, therefore, essential to invest your time in learning the different causes of hip dysplasia to help prevent the condition from developing in your young puppies. Avoiding certain activities when the puppy is still young can be quite helpful and will help the puppy live a comfortable and long life in adulthood.

To help your furry friend stay safe, you need to know some of the common causes of canine hip dysplasia, especially in puppies.


Several factors cause hips dysplasia but the main reason is genetics. The condition is hereditary and is common in dogs of certain breeds such as Great Dane, German Shepherd, Labrador, and St. Bernard. However, these genetic factors are amplified by additional environmental factors.

Excessive growth

The large and giant breeds of puppies have strict nutritional requirements that are specially formulated for the giant breeds. The formula of the food is designed to help prevent excessive or too little growth which in most cases can lead to skeletal disorders. If you help control the growth of the puppies, you will give the joints more time to develop reducing the strain on them and help to prevent canine hip dysplasia.

puppy hip dysplasia informationToo much or little exercise

Just as a poor diet, exercise can also be a cause of the hip dysplasia on your furry friend. It is essential to talk to your vet to establish the best exercise for your puppy and the appropriate amount of exercise as well.

It is important to note that not only the big breed of puppies that can develop hips dysplasia, owners of small dogs should also have their puppies checked in advance. Regular visits to the vet will help keep your puppy in good condition.

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