Steps To Prevent and Avoid Future Arthritis In Your Puppy

Research shows that over 14 million of the pets in the United States have arthritis. The research also indicates that only a small percentage of the pets are receiving proper treatment. Some of the symptoms to look out for in your puppy that could indicate arthritis include general weakness as well as an unwillingness to either exercise or play. Here are simple steps to help prevent arthritis in your puppy.

Avoid joint injury

In most cases, arthritis develops due to injury in the early life of a dog especially when your dog was a puppy. Jumping too high, over exercising and even running too hard when a puppy’s bones are not fully developed can injure the joints. It is advised that you supervise the exercise routine of your puppy to avoid this.

Puppy Hip Dysplasia PreventionEnhance the environmental conditions of your puppy

Puppies can easily put added strain on their muscles and bones while playing. For example, you can make it easier for your puppy to jump off and on the sofa by adding more cushion of even add a ramp for the puppy to get into the car to avoid injury.

Treat all injuries promptly

If you suspect that your puppy has been injured, ensure that the damage is treated as soon as possible. This will help prevent joint problems for your puppy in the future. If a puppy has been hit by a car, they require special treatment as well as forced rest and in some cases surgical repair to help them heal properly.

Proper nutrition

Large breed puppies can grow too fast and become too heavy for their immature joints. It is, therefore, necessary to choose the correct diet for your puppy as well as adding joint support supplements that help slow the progression of arthritis and even prevent joint problems in pets.

Arthritis develops into a vicious cycle in most cases. When your dog is in pain, they will not move and therefore gaining weight and in turn, putting more pressure on the joints. Keeps the puppy moving to help lubricate the joints or even massage the dog after a walk. That will be helpful.

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