How To Choose A Good And Reputable Breeder For Preventing Hip Dysplasia And Other Genetic Disorders

If you are thinking of adding a puppy into your home, you might have two options. One is looking for a place to get a puppy, and another is getting the right breeder for your puppy. If you choose to go the breeder way it is important to choose a reputable breeder who will help you avoid some genetic disorders such as hip dysplasia.

A responsible and certified breeder will screen for all the health issues that might affect the puppy. The two parents should, and each of them should be AKC recognized breed. Every AKC breed has a parent club that has all the health information as well as a code of ethics for all the members. The breed clubs suggest that every dog should have a Canine Health Information Center number before they are bred. The number helps to keep track of the health of the dog form a reliable database.

bull dog hip dysplasia

A certified breeder will ensure that the parents are of the right age before breeding. The age of the mother is especially important because the older they are, the more health problems they are likely to have. It is recommended that the parents be around two years of age to have the best chance for the puppy for not inheriting any genetic disorders.

A reputable breeder also ensures that when your puppy is born it undergoes all the necessary vaccination to keep it in the best health condition.

Note that all puppies should be vaccinated at six and nine weeks of age and subsequent vaccination at ten and twelve weeks.

Getting a good breeder for your puppy is crucial, but you need to make sure that you do your research to get the best. The breeder you choose will decide the quality of life your puppy will have.

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