Questions and Tips When Talking With A Dog Breeder

Have you decided to get add a dog to your family? Congratulations! You are in for one of the best experience of life. The first thing that comes to your mind is where and how to get a dog that best fit into your lifestyle, family or work. No need to panic, breeders are all over the state but the major constraint is how to identify a reputable breeder with excellent track record of producing healthy, sociable and temperamentally sound puppies. There is various way of getting a competent breeder either you contact your veterinary doctor, local breed clubs or you attend dog shows. Therefore, take your time to find the best dog breeder that suit you, make phone calls and contact numerous persons who has lived with your preferred dog breeds. A professional dog breeder can enlighten you on dog breeds beyond your imagination or the information you have gathered.

Visit and talk to several breeders, this gives you an insight, separate the unique, dedicated, and serious breeders from the unserious ones. The environment should be good and smell good. You might be wondering what are you going there to talk about, but here are few questions that you will ask;

  • Brief History and Experience of the Breeder
    This question gives you the opportunity to know how long the breeder has been breeding this particular breed and to know whether he belongs to the breed club.
  • Genetics of the Breed
    Ask for health history of the parents of this breed probably there is a typical disease associated to them. Also, ask if the parents are registered with Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA) and should provide health clearance and documentations. Have the puppies had their first round of vaccination and specify?
  • The Temperament and Characteristics of the breed
    Ask the breeder for the typical characteristics of breed, what type of family situation is best for the breed, and its relationship with class of people Small children, young adult and elderly person.
  • How many litters do you raise a year?
    A breeder with either one or two litters a year will have enough time to provide quality shelter, enough care and proper handling.
  • Can I talk to your previous successful Customer?
    A good breeder will be happy to share life experiences of previous customers with you.

Features of a Good breeder

  • Puppy Hip Dysplasia PreventionA quality breeder will have comprehensive knowledge of the breed. The breeder should know virtually everything about the breed, their genetics, temperament and other relevant information.
  • Their dogs live inside. Quality breeders raise puppies that are expected to be a family dog inside with their family. Therefore, do not buy puppies that are raised in a basement, backyard or garage as your family pet.
  • Quality dog breeders participate in dog shows or competitions, they are enthusiastic lover of the breeds and they do not breed dogs just for the love of money.
  • Quality breeders provide you a contract document with specific requirements and guarantees. The breeder gives you a spay/neuter requirement forms for your pup on which you will append your signature to maintain the health of the puppy. The reputable breeder’s contract should offer a health guarantee that the puppy is free from genetic defects up to the age of 1 year old.
  • A quality breeder will invite you to their home or place of business. This gives you an opportunity to meet the parents of the puppy and observe the conditions in which the animals are kept. Note that the environment should be clean, warm, and friendly.
  • A quality breeder does not release puppies for sale until it is AT LEAST 8 weeks old.
  • Quality breeders give you his/her phone contacts, website and email. This makes the breeder accessible for prospective and present clients.


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