The Leading Causes Of Hip Dysplasia In Puppies

Mainly in large breed dogs, the beginning of hip dysplasia is usually associated with periods of rapid growth, around 3 and 9 months of age. Therefore, it is better to understand the reasons for this faster growth rate.

Feeding your dog with a high-calorie diet full of carbohydrates and artificial nutrients can worsen the tendency for hip dysplasia because rapid weight gain puts more pressure on the hips, excess weight during this period boil down to a very deteriorating change in large dogs. The excess weight greatly increases the large dog’s genetic potential for hip dysplasia.

Dogs that can eat everything they want at the time they want, otherwise known as a free-feeding also grow much faster than dogs fed limited amounts of food. This increased rate of growth during the puppy stage can cause the body to develop erratically and make the dog more vulnerable to hip dysplasia.

bull dog hip dysplasiaAlso, supplementation of some types of nutrients can reverse the important calcium/phosphorus balance in the dog body, which also contributes to the skeletal formation process. This specifically talks about calcium supplements.

A lot of professional breeders encourage new dog owners to regularly supplement their dog diet with calcium during the first year of life for the prophylactic measure. While they may mean well, this can actually create skeletal problems in your dog and produce defects in other nutrients. In this case, the risk of adding supplementation calcium is greater than the benefits.

Another factor that affects the condition is improper exercise. During the period of rapid growth, puppies should be prevented from jumping up and down (like jumping to catch the ball) and standing on their hind legs. And also running on pavement should be prevented.

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