What Do Good Breeders Do To Help Ensure Their Puppies Are Hip Dysplasia Free?

There are two main opportunities for a certified breeder to make sure that a puppy does not have hip dysplasia. The first opportunity begins before birth. The second begins when you bring the pup home.

For this section, we will deal with what a breeder can do before the birth of a puppy to ensure the dogs do not have hip dysplasia. As a licensed breeder, make sure that all dog used for the breeding purpose is tested for hip dysplasia, especially your puppy’s father, and mother. There are no exemptions

If there is no genetic test available, you can have your dog hip x-ray, and this X-ray can be evaluated and given scores by a group of professional veterinarians. Breeders can then eliminate dogs with affected hip from their breeding programs. All good breeders have their pup hip scored through these methods; learn more about hip scoring and how to check it.

It is important to check the health test certificates of both parents of any puppy you consider breeding. Remember, Kennel club will not protect your puppy from having a parent with affected hips. Stay away from breeders who make excuses that it is not necessary to test a puppy mother because his father has been tested. This is absolutely false. Good dog breeders are aware of this condition and are doing everything possible to breed only those without any signs of hip dysplasia; regardless of the diets, they have been fed.

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