What To Avoid When Your Puppy Is Young To Prevent Hip Dysplasia

Puppy Hip Dysplasia Prevention

Experts advise that there are three main ways you can help give your puppy great hips. The first is by feeding for a suitable growth rate, the second is avoiding inappropriate exercise.

  1. Low protein diets will be the best option for young dogs at risk of hip dysplasia. This is because it contains less calcium and, in most cases, has a better balance of electrolytes than normal. There are a lot of diets available by prescription, just inquire from your veterinarian.
  2. While your dog is still a puppy, feed him well, but do not overdo it. A slimmer puppy is better because it does not need to carry around excess weight, which put strain and stress on her hips
  3. Avoid giving your dog calcium supplements. Yes, puppies need calcium, but not calcium supplements. Puppy foods already contain a lot of calcium. Calcium supplements can actually affect the normal development of bones and cartilage in large dogs.
  4. Exercise is okay as long as it is not excessive. Swimming is an excellent way to work out your dog, as it helps reduce joint tear and wear. Take your pup for a long walk as part of his regular exercise.
  5. Avoid stairs: a study has revealed that dogs that climb stairs at an early age are more likely to develop hip dysplasia. Therefore, it is wise to carry your puppy up and down the stairs. Most professionals suggest you don’t encourage or teach dogs to jump until they stop growing, and this seems to be a reasonable precaution.

In conclusion, if you have not yet bought a puppy, be sure to check the hip scores of the parents of any litter you want to look at. If possible before having a beautiful puppy sitting on your lap and looking into your eye! And once you bring your pup home, give him time to grow and mature normally. Don’t interrupt his hormones or take him jogging. There will be a long time for that later.

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